Just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, you probably have more courage than you

While you may find it difficult to ask a stranger to stop talking during a movie, you'd rise to the occasion if a wicked witch threatened you, your family and your friends.

In real life, you could wait for a crisis that will bring out the lion in you or you can start now to practice habits that will build up your courage.

Try these 3 steps that will help you to overcome the doubts and fears that hold you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Reframe the situation. 
The words you choose to describe an event can have a profound effect on how you feel about it. View challenges as opportunities and try to avoid exaggerating negative consequences.

When you're stuck in a long line, think of it as a chance to catch up on reading the news, listen to your favourite motivational podcast, or just enjoy the space to think and breathe.

Evaluate inaction. 
It's natural to want to run away from the things that scare you, but avoidance comes at a high cost.

You might lose a friend because you sidestep a sensitive conversation where you could work out your differences.

You could miss out on opportunities that bring you smiles and happiness... and fun!

Manage stress.
Maybe you're not even sure about the source of your fears.

Dealing with daily stress reduces your anxiety levels, so find relaxation practices that work for you such as meditation or listening to music.

All you need to do is to start to practice.  It's always a practice until it become part of your health and well being.

Taking just 15 or 20 to listen to some relaxing music may help to alleviate your stress or put things into a perspective so it's not a stressor for you.

Seek support.
Asking for help can be a sign of courage. Don't be alone. 

*** Reach out to loved ones or a professional counsellor if you need help.

*** This is super important and a little scary as well when realising you just can't do it on you own.

*** It truly is a sign of strength and courage to acknowledge to yourself that you you want move beyond where you are at.

If you don't let anyone know, how can they help and support.  Please reach out.

Start small.
Major undertakings become less overwhelming when you break them down into more manageable parts.

It's like the jigsaw puzzle with one thousand pieces staring back at you.

Little steps to separate out the corners and side will start to frame a bigger picture, without it becoming overwhelming.

Dream big.
Courage expands your vision. Imagine what you would do if you could set aside any limiting beliefs.

Find something that you value more than your pride or comfort.

Find your passion and just go with it!

Clarify your goals.
To get tangible results, it’s crucial to translate your vision into a practical plan of action and break them down into bite-sized chunks.

Identify exactly what you're going to do.

What is the end result that you're after. 

Create a timeline.
You're more likely to stay on track if you decide what actions you will complete today or by the end of the month. 

Deadlines increase accountability.

Don't put yourself under pressure or berate yourself if you miss your goal, you can set a new timeline... as long you you keep going.

Keep a journal.
Put your plan into writing and post it someplace where you can see it. That way it will stay fresh in your mind.

Create your vision board.  You can see this every day!

Start your journey with journalling today and start to bring gratitude into your daily life.

Focus On What You Have To Gain

Think positive.
Focus on what you have to gain. Use your self-talk to give yourself reassurance and encouragement.

Keep your motivation.

Identify areas where you want to make changes, and be willing to laugh at yourself. 

Get organised.
Cleaning up your surroundings can make you feel more relaxed. Imagine the "spring clean" or clearing away when you know you're hosting and event. Get that little spring in your step.

Clear away your work desk each evening and in our working from home environment, make sure to separate out the end of the work day and "your time".

Come prepared.
Doing your homework helps you to place more trust in your abilities.

For eg doing your research before the job interview, or my favourite is googling something to get some basic knowledge or how to.

Stay fit.
Caring for your health and wellbeing is one way to value yourself.  It's the biggest form of self-care and love. We only have the one body

Eat your balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep and rest.  Moderation.

List your accomplishments.
Boost your morale by reviewing your track record.

Your past victories prove that you can succeed at future tasks.

Be extremely proud of your efforts in the same way you would if they were someone else's achievements. 

Stretch your skills.
You'll have more confidence in your abilities when you consistently work at increasing your competence.

Take business courses online or study a foreign language.

Learning a language is so easy to do with the many Apps out there to use and my favourite is Duolingo and trying to learn French!!

Tell me, what language would you like to learn?

Studies indicate that people who keep a journal tend to be more optimistic.

Final Thoughts

Train yourself to be brave. Learn to master your fears and persist through challenges.

Start easy. One day and then the next... and then next. Create your muscle memory.

Helen Taylor
Helen Taylor

So Great To Meet You... I hope you enjoyed this post. I share on here experiences in moving beyond fear, self-judgement, feeling exhausted and reclaiming self love and dreaming again. Happy for you to share any content ideas that you may be interested in…

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